About Us

Affordable Contemporary Christian Art for every room “doorpost” in your house.

I love art. Since I was 8 years old, my parents ran an art supply company, so I grew up with a great appreciation for beautiful works of art. 

After I was married, I knew that I wanted beautiful Christian artwork to grace my new home, but I found it impossible to find anything I really liked at an affordable price. I did not want a big “medieval Jesus” hanging on my wall, those pieces would not match my decor and I found them to be off-putting to me and my guests. 

What I wanted was bible verses combined with beautiful creations. I wanted pieces that would encourage my family from day to day, and pieces that could be great conversation starters for those I welcomed into my home.

I started making designs for my home, as well as for my family and friends. Every piece I designed, they loved. Each design serves as a way to be reminded of God's faithfulness and goodness, during both the difficult times in your life, as well as the good times, and for me and my family, these designs accomplished that. It was through these circumstances that Agape Christian Art came to be. My first designs were made in 2010, and I’ve been adding to them ever since.

It is my prayer that these Christian art prints will help fill the need for beautiful, affordable christian art work for every "doorpost", or room, to encourage your family and all who enter your home to focus on the good, the true and the beautiful.